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How to create posts on askclinik


How to create a post on askclinik

Askclinik is available for everyone to ask questions, create posts, and comment on posts. You might be asking, where I should go if I want to create a post. Here is a step-by-step process on how to either ask questions or create a post.

1.To start with, you need to register an account by signing up on askclinik. Set up your profile by uploading your image and add your social platform name if you want people in our community to connect with you outside the platform.


2. Sign in, and click on the 3 lines icon. You click on the green bar; ask a question or create a post.




3. Click on the please select category and choose which of the categories your post is about. E.g. COVID-19.



4. Next, you choose a question title (a minimum of 10 characters). Let your title be clear enough for easy understanding.



5. The question description box is where you write your post. Before you start, click the space/next button on your keyboard before starting. This is to avoid you writing on the header. You will see some symbols above the box, such as Bold, italics, numbering and bullet to highlight your point.





6. To choose the image on your file.


7. To tag your write-up; click on the tag box, and fill in your tag words. E.g askclinik, communityforhealth. You can either use a comma to separate your tags before writing another one or just space them. 


8. Finally, post your question.  You can turn on a notification for every post you make to keep you updated when someone comments or answers your question.




9. To share any post on the forum, use the social share on the left side and click on your preferable medium. E.g., Whatssap, Facebook,etc.



10.  To answer a post, click on answer box, comment, click the re-captcha, and submit your answer.



11. Remember to click the anonymous box (if you want some privacy) before you start writing. You can also click the anonymous box before commenting on anyone’s post.


12.  Also, to copy and paste, go to where you create a post, press down, and a paste option shows up. Long press the empty space and press okay option to paste your post.





13.  If you see posts that interest you or you like the posts, you click on vote. The up arrow vote means like, the down arrow means dislike. You dislike posts or answers if it’s wrong.



14. Your contribution to posts is highly encouraged. Remember, empathy and humanity first. If you don’t agree with a post, kindly scroll past it.


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