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Tips to have Flat Abs


Tips to have Flat Abs

It’s everyone’s desire to get flat abs, but a lot set out on the journey and stop mid way. Radical honesty, working for flat abs and maintaining it can be a hard one, but it’s achievable. Used to have flat abs? Have a flat abs or hoping to have one? Whichever one you belong, here are basic exercises and lifestyle changes to help you achieve and maintain one. 

Work on your Posture

When you stand or sit lazily, your stomach bulges. Straighten up and your stomach appears trimmer effortlessly. For improved posture, align your ears over your shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over knees, and your knees over ankles. Keep your shoulders open, and draw your navel in to your spine. Most importantly, keep your weight on the balls of your feet and heels.

Canoe Twist

For this exercise, stand straight with your feet apart. Lock your fingers to form a solid grip. Breathe-out and sweep your hands, arms, shoulders, and chest to the left, like you are rowing a canoe. Simultaneously, lift the left knee up and to the right. Breathe- in and return to the starting position. Breathe- out and repeat the movement to the right. Keep switching side for 20 repetitions.

Cat Kick

Stand with your feet together, arms stretched sideways. Breathe-out, and lift your right leg forward and up. At the same time, sweep your arms forward at shoulder level and round your spine. At this point, the navel should feel like it’s pressing towards the spine. Breathe-in, open back up, and return to your starting position. Repeat this process with your left leg, and switch between sides fro 20 repetitions.

Pilates zip up

Stand upright with your heels together, toes slightly turned out. Bring your arms up, hands joined, below the chin. Breathe-out and press your arms down. Ensure your hands and arms are close to your body. At the same time, lift your heels off the ground onto your tiptoes; remain in this position for two seconds, breathe-in, and return to the starting position. Your abs goes in and up and your arms go down. Repeat for 20 reps.

Check your diet

When it comes to having a great body, we must talk about your diet, as they work hand-in-hand with exercises. Regardless of your intentionality or commitment, if you have extra belly fat, your effort won’t manifest. To trim the belly fat, you have to be conscious of the things you eat. If you eat less, although healthier, couple with routine exercises, a positive result is guaranteed. So, what does healthy eating means? Think about fruits and veggies, lean protein, more fibers, and healthy fats.

Finally, set realistic goals. Slow and steady wins the race. Getting rid of the extra belly fat may take some time, but with determination and more activeness, you will get the body you desire.

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