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Say No to Rape

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Say No to Rape


Since time Immemorial, some people see nothing wrong when rape is being committed or when a lady cries for help. Instead, they make jokes about the victims and blame them for the incident.

Some men still don't know that rape is a criminal offense. With a faulty system that doesn't help victims get justice most of the times make it harder for any one to come out and talk about their experiences.

 Rape joke became more accepted when entertainers, and comedians make rape, dosmetic violence, and harassment jokes for the pleasure of their viewers.

Recently, some comedians like Aya, taoma, Mr macaroni, and others made an interesting video to create awareness that rape is a sensitive issue that should never be joked with as it can affect victims by bringing back pains, and emotional trauma. 

I believe we will get there someday, when victims would have the courage to speak out, when culprits would become the shamed rather than shaming the victims.

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