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Women helping women

In a patriarchal society where being a woman comes with lots of scrutiny and criticism. Unity seems to be the best chance we've got to let the world know being a woman is not different from being human. 

We rise by helping each other is the saying, but the sad thing is when your help is not needed or appreciated, what I would like to call women helping women gone wrong.

I was at the ATM and only one of the machines was dispensing. At the other side, two guys were transferring. Suddenly, the dispensing machine stopped working. 

I was third in line and two men behind me. The guys transferring decided to try withdraw some money, surprisingly it dispensed. 

While the woman at the front was about going to use the machine, the fifth person in line (a man) walked fast and pushed the woman away from the stand.

I asked sir, you can see we are following a queue here. Why do order wise? He told me to fuck up! Oh boy I was mad! I pushed him from the stand and he threatened to beat me up.

I told him respect is reciprocal, you can't treat a human being like that. He said "I have your type at home, who won't dare to speak against him". Unfortunately, I'm not that woman. 

While at it, the woman I was defending said, aunty he's a man leave him, they are meant to get what they want, and as a woman we are expected obey them. 

That statement weakend me. Women have been subjected to years of abuse in the name of you are a woman, and to think it's normal is disheartening. 

As for the man, I ensured he didn't withdrawal the money. I called security to call him to order. But was sad an abused person didn't see anything wrong in what happened to her.

And I the supporter would have chopped beating if I were not determined to correct the man. 

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