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Husband beats Wife to death


When we try to talk victims of domestic violence(mostly women) out of the relationship, the response you get is either they will keep praying for a change or they are there for their children or they have no where else to go. Unfortunately, you are not the only one hurting but your children and loved ones. 

I went to see a friend and I saw lots of cars parked outside the house opposite hers and people outside. I asked what happened? She said "anonymous died". I asked again how did it happen? She said the husband beat her to death.

What! Mind you this couple have grown up children (20s and 30s). The woman was in her late 50s while the husband in his late 60s. I asked what could make two adults living together for years fight? She went further by saying that from day one of their marriage, according to people living in the area, they have always been fighting each other publicly or privately. That said night, after beating her, the husband heard the wife crying and in pains. When he saw that it was serious, he rushed her to the hospital but she died few minutes after getting to the hospital. This woman was rich and neighbours said she was a proud woman and that most have been one of the reasons for their non stop fight. 

I asked how will the man live with himself? People who went to console the family said the man has been passing out(fainting) non stop, and the children said they will come back to his case after laying their mother to rest.

No matter what happened, the deed has been done. He might still bring in another woman or live his life quietly. The family refused to involve the police and will rather let things be.

If only the woman knew she was going to die at the hands of her husband, she would have made a better decision. May her soul rest in peace.

Stop domestic violence, stop promoting dosmetic violence. Mothers stop encouraging your girl child to endure violence it's not normal nor healthy.  Women leave when your life or mental health is at stake. 

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