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How time flies

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How time flies


This water bottle took me down the memory lane. About 4 years old, I was in primary 1. I was in class one day when two young men and another class teacher came into my class and asked "who is Audrey"? I stood up and said I am Audrey. 

One of the guys gave me a water bottle and said, your Dad asked us to bring it to you that you left it in the car. Immediately I knew it wasn't my own Audrey as there was another Audrey in primary 1a while I was in primary 1b. This I know because of mix up many times. 

I told them that it wasn't my own Audrey, while trying to tell them about the other Audrey, this teacher shut me up and insisted I collect the water bottle from them. She even said I wasn't a smart kid for not knowing my dad's staff.

Okay now, I took the water bottle from them and proudly drank the water during break period and before the end of school hours. Because the water bottle wasn't for me, I left it behind in school and went home.

The next day, the young men, my name sake, her mother, and the class teacher came to me and asked for the water bottle, while explaining the mix up. I confidently told them I left it behind yesterday. They searched everywhere for this water bottle, called the cleaner to ask whether she saw it while cleaning? She told them she didn't see it. 

The class teacher that forced me to collect the water bottle apologized to me and attested that I didn't want to collect it but she told me to.

That was how water bottle disappeared without a trace. It's been a long time in this journey of life. 

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