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5 Powerful Herbs to Solve Common Health Issues


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5 Powerful Herbs to solve Common Health Issues

Issues such as headaches, cough, or cold are generally experienced by a lot of people; and sometimes we do not really see the need to visit a hospital or buy an over-the-counter medicine. While a little rest is what some need to wear off the feelings, using natural and at home remedies in your kitchen can as well be the answer.

We will be sharing effective natural remedies that can be used to treat or manage common health issues. Do note that most of these natural herbs are not backed up with research; however, evidences from use and the properties of these herbs make them ideal.


We just can’t stop raving about this powerful herb for obvious reasons; turmeric is undoubtedly beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Early research support that the golden colored spice can help with conditions such as arthritis and even fatty liver. Others gave account of its use in treating skin conditions such as rashes and acne. Our guess is that you have to try it out to know just how true it is. Please note that excess intake can lead to digestive issues.


Although it’s not an herb, but the list won’t be complete without saying one or two things about this natural sweetener. Cough is common among kids and this golden liquid may just be as effective as over-the-counter medicine for cough. Giving a teaspoon of the liquid to your child/ren may be all they need to relieve them of that cough. However, kids below the age of one should not be given honey as it can be dangerous to their health especially the digestive system.


Well, it’s no secret just how effective this ancient aromatic herb can be. It has a long standing use in Asian medicine for treating conditions such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomachaches. Apart from these, ginger has a proven effect on menstrual cramps. Although effective, not everyone enjoys taken the herb due to side effects, some people end up with heartburn, stomach issues once ingested. Also, it is advised that you speak with your health provider before using it in any form as it can affect the efficacy of some medications.


Garlic may give an off- smell, but its wide range of benefits is the reason we can’t stop adding it to our meals. According to some studies, people who eat garlic more often are less likely to have certain types of cancer. This unique spice to some extent helps reduce blood pressure levels and blood cholesterol. Again, speak with your healthcare provider before using it instead of your medications.


This sweet smelling spice is another popular herb known for its distinct taste. The general idea is that it helps regulate blood sugar level in prediabetic or diabetic people. Still, there is no proof of its benefits for any medical condition. If you must use this, use moderately; cinnamon extracts may be bad for the liver when taken in higher doses.

Reference: WebMD

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